Ice cream chart

The Definitive Ranking of Korean Ice Cream

We have gathered the most popular Korean supermarket ice creams. There are many flavors that are unusual for westerners, like chestnuts, nougat, red bean, corn, and sweet potatoes. Chocolate coated in thick layer of chocolate is a popular popsicle. We included cones, triangles, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, bars, and the plastic bottle-type container some Korean ice cream comes in.

The determining factors of how good an ice cream is could be divided into two factors. First is how refreshing they are. In other words, how much water do you have to drink afterwards? Those times you ate an ice cream to cool down but you end up being more thirsty than before? We don't like that. Second is the fruitiness. The flavor of fruit makes an ice cream more refreshing. 

ice cream chart